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Why did I decide to create this section? The fact that various reviews are circulating on girls and privates on the Internet is basically correct. The client should be able to go blind when looking for the best companion for him, but with some shared experience from someone else. Basically, it could be one with the possibility of clearing the market and separating the good and the quality from the bad without any level. If that's what the creators of dedicated websites intended, then this might be the right way to go. In my opinion, however, despite good intentions, their websites got out of hand and now live their own lives, which originally did not fulfill good intentions. The complexity of registrations on these sites discourages ordinary and perhaps only occasional private visitors from this registration and the opportunity to contribute with their contribution and experience. I would like to know if anyone noticed that the fate of hundreds of girls providing erotic services is ultimately decided by about two dozen so-called norniks, who sweep one private after another, and then finally compete with each other, who loaded this or that how much and how much in life had girls for sex (sadly, maybe 99% of those only paid). So we read very well-founded comments of self-proclaimed professionals in the field of erotica still from the same nicknames, which, however, are both in the form of speech and grammatically at the level of the 1st stage of primary school. Each survey, if it is to have a truly valid result, should always be conducted on a sample of at least 1000 respondents. Therefore, every reasonable person will calculate that these websites absolutely do not fulfill their function and their result is absolutely useless to a potential customer. For example, if one girl states that one girl has an ugly face and two others say that she has a very pretty face, the result of such a survey is completely zero.

The second reason for the creation of this column is the fact that as a woman and for all others, I am offended by the rudeness and audacity of the above group of pseudo-experts and experts in this field, who do not even try or are not intellectually able to find some decent form for their speech. Nothing against criticism, but even that must be decent. They evaluate girls as cattle somewhere on the market, they do not leave the thread dry on them, they use insultingly disgraceful attributes when describing various parts of their bodies. They criticize their every look and every spoken or unspoken word without a hint of empathy and understanding, that they too have their own personal worries, whether at work or in private life, that they are often tired after many hours of very intimate contact with men. And they themselves never think that the real reason for girls' behavior can be themselves, because they behave antipathetically, arrogantly, bluntly, without respect or just do not follow the basics of hygiene, pulls them out of their mouths and the like. If the girl does not want to satisfy them in something, they threaten her with negative reviews and the girl has no way to defend herself against such a review and possibly put everything in perspective. So this is the view from the other side.

For all cases, I will cite one with a review as an example. A user acting under the nickname Lomikel wrote a negative review of one of our girls in the wording: krepelka by Monika Fastidiosa):
It's a young calf, I would just add that it's a very stupid calf with everything everywhere and didn't dazzle with absolutely nothing .. absolutely without charge and imagination, so somehow wait for you to do and you drop out, moreover after half an hour it started to spill time, that you may feel it from the moment you stand on the sidewalk and call or something. The basis, however, is that it is quite simple to tie in, which makes it all the way to it after a few seconds. As a pearl at the end, I can say that when I ran along the way to the ground floor, I accidentally fell through the opposite door to the fenced yard, which I soon realized, but I could not get back (the handle was just inside). When I called her to see if she could take me down, she couldn't even understand after 2 minutes of explanation. She kept telling me that the door was open, and I repeated it 10 times, that I was standing outside in the yard and that I had it free through several fences and walls. In the end, I gave up and gestured to a tenant to open it inside me ... he understood and, fortunately, he didn't even ask. The highlight was when in about 10 minutes Miss Sofia called me where I was. Her head probably thought about my previous phone call for a long time and deduced in the finale that I am a new norek, who is trying to conquer for her and is waiting on the street. I can recommend it for fans of expensive absurd drama, but definitely don't expect eroticism!

Let me put this illustrative case to the right measure and let me not take napkins unusually. Mr. Lomikel forgot to add that he arrived at the appointment at least 15 minutes later, so he wasted time on another client, who arrived on time and with his intelligence did not remember his hour of arrival, when the elevator was after entering the house on the left and side, so quite logically, the dispositions of the house did not change during that hour, so the paddock set free from the house after his bad experience was to be from the elevator to the right. In his contribution, he failed to add that he came out of the house through a door with a large sign "ONLY FOR THE INSULATORS OF THE HOUSE" and by disrespecting this sign, he got into the courtyard of the house with a playground and herbs. He failed to add that he made his call for help on our other girl's mobile phone, which he probably didn't even notice by his voice, and she was waiting for her client to explain how to get to the house on the other end of Prague and with a completely different disposition. Then we all laughed at the fact that he was a nice jerk and if the 250 clients who had visited the girl so far were the only one who didn't hit a few meters from the house, then it says something about his IQ. And this idiot dares to call someone a stupid calf. And only a fool can choose an innocent 18-year-old girl to visit her in a flood of offers, who herself states that she has only been doing this job since October and then be surprised that she has not come across a sexual GTF machine. However, other reviews speak quite differently and we are at the beginning again.

I have nothing against reviews on a wider sample of men. Girls presenting under the MONFAS girl banner are evaluated on the principle of reviews, as stated elsewhere. But I consider it a positive review of every man who keeps coming back to one of the girls. If about half of the girl's clients are regular clients, then there is nothing to solve. Offensive and biased reviews do not leave me calm and I want to give girls, not only those presenting under the MONFAS girls banner, the opportunity for feedback and defense.

And that is the third reason for this section. The girls will have the opportunity to draw attention to unreliable and unwanted clients. Whether they tried to steal something from them in their apartment, tried to steal something from them in the apartment, or those who made an appointment with them and did not arrive without an apology, causing the girls to lose their money every day, because after booking for a while other clients they correctly reject. The girls will post their reviews on these unwanted clients (only for them) and add their phone numbers. We will then send a link to this section to our competition, so that other girls in this place will also have the opportunity to add their negative experiences to specific clients and save their numbers on their mobile phones. That is why I advise all those who do not intend to treat our girls with due respect to avoid them by arc. I advise those who make an appointment in three places at once, then decide for one and do not dare to send even an apologetic text message, so that our numbers do not dial at all. I advise the same to those who persecute girls against their will with obscene phone calls or messages. Soon their number will appear with a brief comment in this section freely available to all other girls. If they are forced to at least replace a several-year SIM card, it will be a satisfaction for me.

Monika Fastidiosa
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