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Do you want to join us? If you meet all the conditions below, there is nothing to prevent you from presenting yourself under our banner. Write to us at and we will arrange a personal meeting. This meeting does not have the character to convince you to present to us or to convince you of the benefits of work for which you have decided. On the contrary, we will inform you about various pitfalls and dangers that may await you and which you may not be aware of. This work is risky in many respects, but it is also not for us to excuse it.

1. I am +18 years old.

2. I have no criminal record.

3. I have no problems with drugs or alcohol

4. I have a permanent job or I can leave it seriously in a short time.

5. I use only my own photos during the presentation.

6. I am a communicative type with respect for all potential clients.

7. I will actually provide the services that I will present on my private website.

8. I undertake to be punctual and to be prepared in time for the agreed time

9. In the apartment where I will provide my services I will not smoke and I will have properly cleaned.

10. I accept the References to my services link on my website.

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