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Welcome to the MONFAS GIRLS website!

And who is MONFAS GIRLS? Let me use the word "I" for better communication and clarity. My goal is to try to elevate not just the best reputation that the oldest craft has in our country. I have traveled a lot in my life, getting to know new countries, new cultures, and the culture of every nationality or ethnicity includes his attitude to both sex and the provision of paid sexual services. I have always been very interested in this area. Just as there is a big difference in criminal parts and punishment in different parts of the world for providing paid sexual services, from Sharia stoning in some Muslim countries, silent tolerance in our country, careful organized regulation in Germany or the Netherlands, to the state. funded establishment of hourly hotels in Cuba, even in different parts of the world there is an abysmal difference in the social status of women who provide these services. There is also a certain hierarchy from the so-called street girls, through girls in nightclubs and private homes to very solid outcall and incall girls, where prices are relatively high, but also corresponds to the quality and level of the girls, who due to their advantages in his first life and under his true identity a certain position. However, society has one thing in common across continents, no one cares where you get your money from, but the reality is that you have it.

And the last group, ie really solid, trustworthy and real companions, is almost missing in our country and, with a few exceptions, only virtual reality is presented to a potential customer, fake photos with 100% own note are used and the client communicates and negotiates with someone with whom never actually meets. The whole system is then based on the fact that most of these cheated clients do not have the courage to reject the young lady and would rather undergo this meeting. Our girls will be happy to talk to you, and if they can't pick up the phone themselves for work reasons, they will be redirected to another lady who will be happy to make an appointment with her.

That's why I decided to try to separate the grain from the chaff. All girls and women who are and will be presented under the heading MONFAS girls must meet strict criteria that I have set myself. Erotic and sexual services have not been offered anywhere yet, they are not distorted by the practices of private houses or night clubs, they do not try to correct some of their previous problems with this work, because they simply do not have them. They have or until they wanted to have their professions or their studies. Without any foreign influence, they decided to do this work, either because they are "gold diggers" (and I certainly don't mean it in a derogatory way) and they want to raise their standard of living, buy a car, an apartment or travel. Or just because they enjoy sex or because they were simply attracted to paid work in their "boring" professions. MONFAS girls is not a private person. Girls who present themselves under the banner of MONFAS girls undergo a rigorous interview must have their own private apartment or studio to provide their services, thus proving their ambition, ambition and financial literacy. I don't care about girls who just want to earn another dose of meth or sponsor a beloved gambler with this job. They have strict conditions and rules that they must meet, and I insist on them absolutely, and I don't care if only two girls or ten dozen pass this selection in the end. I continue to check compliance with the rules, each girl has a link on her private website for clients for references to her services. If a girl has 90% positive references, she gains the right to the VIP label, in case she repeatedly receives negative references from unique clients, she loses the right to present herself under the MONFAS girls banner. In addition to the opportunity to write a review to the girl, you can send her rating directly to my e-mail

However, this does not change the fact that every girl has the right to reject a client who will not treat her with due respect. I am not really interested in the so-called Norwegians, who go around one private house after another, in order to share their experiences with other Norwegians. I know from experience that young ladies do not address the age of clients or their weight at all, but whether they are pleasant and treat them with respect. Therefore, and a girl advertising under our banner has the right to reject a client who would not treat her in a similar way, the opposite would be completely against the meaning of what MONFAS girls is trying to do, ie to culture the environment in this area and the relationship between companion and client. You can read the criteria that girls must meet by clicking on a separate link in the menu, they certainly do not include age, weight, bust size, nationality or appearance.

MONFAS girls is not a private person. We provide girls with space for serious advertising, by following the set rules, we de facto direct them towards this seriousness. We provide them with marketing and PR, provide advice on where to effectively advertise, how to organize your work, how to minimize health risks or how to maintain your anonymity. We try to make them think about what their lives should look like in 5 years, how to do this work so that their past does not catch up with them once their priorities change and they want to start a family. We arrange photography, we can also help find a suitable space. We do not "graze" the girls popularly or benefit in any way from their earnings, we only show them the direction of how to do their work effectively and on a level basis, once they have decided for it in this way. By providing them with our know-how and the space for their presentation, our work towards them does not end there. We provide them with all the help in solving their life problems, if any do occur, we keep them accurate records of their earnings to learn how to manage their money wisely, we offer them both human and legal assistance, we help them get rid of various skeletons in wardrobe, borrow, manage health insurance and tax returns, so that their work has a higher meaning and purpose and come out of the gray economy, we are also regular payers of income tax. Of course, all this is purely on the basis of voluntariness and their personal will.

Monika Fastidiosa
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