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You are about to enter the next level of erotic and sexual sites. By pressing the "Confirm" button, I confirm that:

1. I am over eighteen years of age and have reached the age of majority

2. if I am in a state in which the age of majority is set differently from the regulations of the Czech Republic, I confirm that I meet
all the age of majority in that State and that I am over 18 years of age and that access to this site is not restricted and / or prohibited
by the law of the State in which I am located and / or of which I am a national

3. I agree that I am authorized to use sexually oriented material only in private and exclusively for my personal use

4. sexually oriented materials do not insult, offend and / or otherwise threaten me and I enter the site voluntarily

5. I will select and use only and exclusively such materials that do not violate the laws of the state in which I am located

6. I will not provide or directly or indirectly allow access to the materials obtained on this site to persons under eighteen

years or other persons who do not meet the conditions set out in this statement.

If you do not meet even one of the conditions listed under points 1 to 6, please leave this site immediately.

If you meet all the conditions listed under points 1 to 6, you are entitled to enter.

I agree and confirm the above

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